Sunday, February 04, 2007

Grandmother's first reactions

1/2/07 – I can’t believe it is already february.

A month ago we were coming back from Punta Del Este to Porto Alegre. (our baby was probably alread conceived by then!) Last week when we went to the emergency room, Jason had to cancel a meeting with his boss (who is the in the US and Jason just send him an e-mail cancelling) Well, today his boss asked if everything was okay with me and Jason said that I was fine and I just had some gas that was giving me pain on the side of my apendix…. Sounds funny, but I felt very embarrased! Jason bought to types of sparkling water for me today, since I mentioned how it helps me with the nausea! He also gave the idea to take a bottle in the morning on the train, which is when I always feel worst!

So here are some words of the grandma’s-to-be:

Grandma Fanny:

Happy...blij...blij.....heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel blij...heeeeeeeeeel gelukkig zo voelde ik mij toen ik snapte wat er bedoeld werd met het doosje en nu nog is het een heel speciaal geluksgevoel er aan te denken dat er een babietje komt van Anne en Jason...
Fantastic idea to write the diary....thanks Liefste Anneke that you want to share your feelings ..with us......When I started to read the felt like being pregnant again from you Anneke....together with you..very funny feelings!!!!!!!!!...this will be a great experience..thanks again ...I´m only trying to imagine witch you said...our grandchild will have 4 I can write ´a la grandma Fanny´that means I can mix flemish..inglish and portuguese...and I´m not going to worry about mistakes(only a little bit) ...than the baby has a good excuse in the beginning ..starting writing...and Anne and Jason correcting the words...the baby can say..`but grandma Fanny writes this way!!!hihii`

Grandma Anita:

The first thing that went was the waist! I could not put on my jeans; this was only 2 weeks being late
(yes, I use to be much thinner!!). I worked at a dr office next to a lab and Steve joined me in getting the
test- it was positive!!! He couldn't talk for quite awhile, just sat there not saying a word- He was really blown
over by this!!! Thus began the journey of Jason!!!
It was close to Christmas and we bought 2 pair of booties, 1 pink and 1 blue, and sent one of each to
our Parents for Christmas, with names that we had chosen!!! I think I heard my Mother scream in CA
all the way from Massachusetts!!!! and she blubbered just as bad as Steve and I did when we opened
your package with the hats in it!!!! I've heard the first Grandchild is the most amazing thing that happens
and so far, it's great to be able to share!!!

I hope this diary will continue being a place where I can talk about everything that is going on and share it with two people I love and have been through similar situations! So, ladies, keep it coming! I loved both of your letters!!!

I can’t wait for it to be weekend to be able to sleep in – for who knows me, this is so not something I would normally say. When I met Jason (almost 5 yrs ago) I was sleeping around 4hrs every nigth (working too much and going to the gym like a freak) and now, I am already yawning in the shower after a 9 hr night of sleep!

Speaking of working out, I was running quite a bit last year and was planning to run a marathon this year, of course now I need to take it slower (luckily I did not get accepted for the London marathon!) But my goal is to run a marathon after this baby (not right after, I will give my body the chance to recover but I definitely would like to achieve that) I know it sounds funny to already start putting goals like that, but I like to set objectives and it feels so good when I achieve them! I have been walking and doing light weights, since the Dr. recommended to stay active! (Vinny is loving all the walks I take him on!)

I am very excited about the scan next week. I can’t wait to see the little heartbeat and ensure everything is fine! After the scan I am seeing my GP (general practicioner) whom will do a general health check and then direct me to a midwife, whom will accompany me throughout my pregnancy. Only when there are any complications will I see an Obgyn. Since it is for free, I can’t really complain!

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