Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spilling the beans...

Good morning!
Today is our second scan (this is just a follow-up from two weeks ago, when they suspected an ectopic pregnancy) I am so excited to see the little heart beart!!! This week she/he has been called 'raspberry com coracao'. I have still been feeling a 'little funny' but still have a good appetite and keeping the food down (yesterday I downed 8 cups of sparkling water!)
So far we have shared the great news with only a couple of our friends and direct family. We are planning to wait until mid march to tell the rest of the world about our joy. Unfortunately, Jason's best friend Scott, had a couple of drinks this weekend and told another friend of ours, Justin. Which I think is very inconsiderate, but Jason did some damage control, and hopefully Justin will keep it to himself. (and hopefully Scott doesn't drink too much again!) My mom confessed she also almost spilled the beans to one of my best friends. Mariana is a veterinarian and Liesbet is working there part time, and monday, my mom almost shared it with her, but luckily, she had not been drinking yet and remembered on time that Mariana did not know it yet!
My mom shared a very nice story with me yesterday. She talked about when she found out when she was pregnant with me (with a blood test) and how she had her first scan in Belgium (they lived in Brazil) when she went to visit her family, she was 4 months along. At the time they did not offer ultrasounds in Brazil. Coming to think of it, nowadays it seems much easier, from the home pregnancy tests to knowing the sex beforehand, however, the delivery, morning sickness and carying the big belly are still painful!
In a little over two weeks we will be moving! I am very excited about our new house. I can't wait to decorate the baby room, work on the garden and get all settled in before the baby arrives! Hopefully we'll have space for an extra bed in the baby room for when family comes out to visit (and help).
Got to go and get ready for the scan.
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