Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our 4th anniversary

28/1/2007 – It’s been 9 days since we found out we are pregnant!

It still hasn’t sunk in completely! I don’t have that many pg signs. Just this weekend my tummy starting feelng funny (morning sickness) and I have alittle bit of cramps, but nothing major. Oh yes, and VERY sleepy (Jason loves this part, he has an excuse to take naps with me!). I slept close to 23hrs from Friday until Sunday evening!!!

On Tuesday (23/1) I went to our gp to see what are the next steps to sign me up for prenatal care. I had cramps on my left side for a week now and I mentioned it to her, she asked for some more of my medical background and when I mentioned I had a ‘idiopathic’ pelvic infaction 8years ago and 10 years ago I had a ovary cyst removed, she directed me to the AE (UK ER) since I was at high risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. Jason met me there, I was in tears and very scared of having to terminate the pregnancy. After waiting for over an hour and obgyn did and internal examination (yike!), blood work and urinalysis. She send me home and said to come back to next day to do a scan and make sure everything was fine. I had a terrible night of sleep! The next morning I went to the Chelsea and Westminster hospital (Jason would meet me there) but they saw me so fast that when I was leaving Jason arrived. BABY is fine!! I was so relieved and happy when the scan showed that the gestation sac and the yolk were at the right location! I need to go back in two weeks to make sure that it remains fine. My HCG levels were also within the norms and they said not to worry!

It was a great start of the day… the 24/1/07, our 4-year anniversary!

This was the first day I experienced intense tiredness. I arrived home from work and decided to take a nap before going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary… well I was exausted and we stayed home instead!

We have been trying to conceive to 4 months! I was very impatient and because of my pelvic infection and cyst, I thought it would take longer (the obgyn that saw us at the ER, said that we had been lucky to conceive so quickly after knowing my background!) It was the relaxing atmosphere of being on holidays in Brazil/Uruguai that helped us! I was 5 days late when I tested and tought for it would be negative (of course, deep inside I had hope) since sometimes have longer cycles! Well, on Friday (19/1) I arrived home from work, I was very upset that the plumber did (again) not fix our toilet leak and I almost bursted into tears, I also had some strong cramps, so I just thought these ‘hormonal’ feelings could only be one thins… so I tested… instantly POSITIVE… I started laughing and Vinny came to see what was happening… he was the first one I told it too!!!! (he of course had no clue what was happening) Jason arrived home 1 hour later. It was very hard not to throw myself around his neck and share the great news… instead I said I had a little present for him. He wanted first to take out his contacts and get into some comfy cloths. I went to finish dinner. When he came to the dining room there was a little packet on his plate. He opened it and saw a little bib and t-shirt with “I LOVE DADDY” and looked very surprised and asked – Are you pregnant? He hugged me and cried! We have been overjoyed since then and waiting to share the new with everyone. I have told Melissa and Kelly Maron (she is 11 weeks pregnant) Oh, I am now 6 weeks along! We send to both of our parents a little box with some baby cloths and a little note saying – “you will soon be grandparents”. They have not received it yet. It’s very hard for me to talk to my mom and not spill the beans!! I can’t wait to share every experience with her!

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