Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ups and downs

31/1/07 – This afternoon I felt really well! This morning, on the train to work, I felt again not so well, but it improved throughout the day. I have noticed that downing two glasses of sparkling water will help with the nausea! I spoke with my mom today about nausea, she mentioned that one of her friends said it has been discovered that morning sickness is actually psycological! I find it hard to believe, but I guess there are several ‘theories’ about the reason behind morning sickness. I personally believe it has to do with the hormones floating around in my body. So far, only nausea for me (which is great!). I spoke with my Dr. today regarding my blood tests and they are all withing the expected range and I will go for my first prenatal visit next week, after my second scan!

Yesterday evening I send an e-mail out to both grandma’s-to-be about this diary. I would like to get their input in what they are feeling, any suggestions, etc I am looking forward in compiling everything (and maybe daddy can be a guest writer once in a while!)

We have decided not to share the names with anyone. We have already picked the name for a girl. Both me and Jason have the same tattoo of the chinese symbol of wisdom (we had the tattoos done 1 year before we even met – we were meant to be together) We both like the same girls name and decided to name our baby it if it’s a girl. We looked up the meaning of the name and it actually means wisdom!!!!! I am not supersticious, but I think the little ‘lentil’ inside is a girl! Jason called him/her a ‘lentil com coracao’ today!

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