Sunday, February 04, 2007


29/1/07 – Another day of being tired at the office!

Yesterday evening Anita and Steve called, they received the little box we had sent them. They were estatic. And, just like their son, cried!!! So cute! It’s they’re first grandchild (after Vinny of course! We have also agreed that he/she will come before Vinny, since he/she will be able to say ‘grandma and grandpa’ : )

Steve had an interesting story to tell about his family, there is a ‘7’ thing going on:

1907 – his dad was born

1937 – his dad and mom got married

1947 – Steve was born

1977 – Jason was born

1987 – his dad passed away

2007 – his first grand child will be born!!!

They called Carrie and she had to pull over on the side of the road, because she was so excited!

Anita was planning to come in April/May, but now she’ll hopefully hold off until baby is here!

This evening, my parents called… My dad had opened the envelope and saw the box (which had quite a bit of pink on it) and thought it was for mom, so he did not open it. Mom arrived home, opened the box, saw the little shoes and it took 15sec for her to realize (after reading the note) that we were expecting! Mom, dad and Liesbet called! They did not see it coming either! (eventhough mom had dreamd about us having a 1.5 yr old with cruly hair!) Both set of parents had some champagne to celebrate! Dad gave Jason some good advice – give her a massage every night and put a pillow under her legs! (since he was speaking dutch and Jason did not understand, I translated that he should on top of that also cook dinner, clean the house, bring home flowers every week, etc)

We are so happy to finally been able to share it with our families.

I just received the ‘your pregnancy bible’ book (which we, of course, ordered online)!

30/01/07 – Today was a ruff day. I had a hard time at work. I am feeling ‘akward’, my tummy is not feeling well (not hugging the toilet yet) but just this clostrophobic feeling, it’s hard to describe. I remind myself it is just part of developing the little ‘sesame seed’ inside of me (we read on a website that at 4 weeks the ‘baby’ is the size of a sesame seed!). I had to eat little snacks throughout the day and had to go outside to get some fresh air! I am still sleepy but am avoiding naps (eventhough I get home 2 hrs before Jason, which is very tempting, specially having such a great nap buddy - Vinny). Today I took him for a long walk instead! Let’s see for how long I can hold off of taking a nap when I get home from work!!

I was reading in the ‘your pregnancy bible’ about how conception, genetics, fetus development, etc all works out and I find it so amazing! Just to think how many obstacles there were to have egg and ‘swimmer’ ‘talk’ and that a baby is going to carry 50% of my genes and 50% of Jason’s genes. I am so curious to see how he/she will be. How she/he will look, her/his personality, caracteristics…. I can’t wait to meet our baby!!!!!!

The babie’s heart started beating this week!! The baby now is as big as a ‘lentil’ (where do these books/websites get these comparisons from?! So funny) and the heart is the size of a sesame seed! Hopefully we’ll see the heart beet next week when we go back for a scan.

The baby season has officially started among our friends:

  • One of my good friends, Kelly Maron, is 11 weeks pregnant and lives in Georgia. I wish we could live closer to share everyhting we are going through.
  • Yesterday we got an e-mail of our former neighbor in California and they are expecting twins.
  • The brand manager for France (she does my role in france) is 3 months along as well.
  • Another friend, Carrie and Drew, are having a boy in march (their third one!)
  • One of my good friends in Brazil, Vanessa, is having a baby at around the same time as I am
  • One of my brazilian friends, Patricia, is having a baby girl in february!

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